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Aexa Challenges future engineers

We were awarded in 2010 by Discovery Channel for the creation of the Mexican Space Agency


Provide engineering and scientific solutions to facilitate international exploration of space for the United States and its neighbors 

Aexa is an American company with international presence that provides engineering services, telecommunications software and information technology (IT). Its primary area of expertise is improving, maintaining or creating new software applications to encompass all communication needs of the client, both propulsion and robotics, whether it is improving the efficiency of existing programs or innovating new ones. Aexa is ​located near the heart of Texas' aerospace industry ​Johnson Space Center.

Aexa is capable of working with all agencies to fulfill

​their immediate needs as well as provide full telecommunications, engineering services, and IT support for NASA's Commercial Crew Vehicle.

Fernando De La Peña's true passion is NASA's Mission to Mars and with his leading-edge expertise, Aexa can play a key role in supporting NASA's Mission to Mars. Together, this dream can be achieved sooner and within budget parameters.

Aexa has a proven record with stellar results of working collaboratively with other agencies.  

Be a major player in the development of international space exploration

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About Fernando De La Peña

No National sovereignty rules in outer space.Those who venture there go as envoys of the entire human race. Their quest, therefore, must be for all mankind, and what they find should belong to all mankind.— 

​President Lyndon B. Johnson

He received Discovery Channel's Prize for the creation of the Mexican Space Agency.

His life long passion of the Space industry combined with Aexa's leading-edge expertise, play a key role in supporting NASA's mission to Mars.

​With Aexa on board, space exploration dreams and goals will be achieved sooner & within budget.

President and CEO of AEXA Aerospace, LLC


1120 NASA PKWY suite 220G

Houston TX. 77058


AEXA Aerospace, llc

20 Yrs of successful leadership in technology and engineering companies.

As an undergraduate engineering student, Fernando De La Peña completed and patented a spacecraft engine propelled by anti-matter, and designed additional patents, i.e. space launcher via magnetic levitation.


AEXA obtained the certification as

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

on 02/2015

The International Air and Space Program (IASP) is a joint effort between AEXA Aerospace, LLC and Space Center Houston. Now in its third year, the program attracts hundreds of high school and college students online and physically from 38 countries to participate in a simulated mission to Mars. This global competition challenges the students' engineering skills, prompts creative thinking and invites innovative ideas on developing thermal shields, robots, and other aspects relevant to the mission. Plans are submitted to judges at Space Center Houston, and winners are chosen, with Zero Gravity flights and satellites.

The program sparks students to begin dreaming of their own career as an aerospace engineer. There are no boundaries! Financial aid and scholarships are provided by Aexa. 

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