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International Air and Space Program

Ever dreamed of becoming an Astronaut or joining the Space Program?

Wonder what ZERO G feels like? How about engineering & building a Robotic Rover and launching a rocket?

Then you must join the International Air and Space Program 2017 edition !Type your paragraph here.

International Energy, Oil and Gas Innovation Program

​Coming soon!

Aexa University


Fax: +1.866-497-9223

1120 NASA PKWY suite 220G

Houston TX. 77058


AEXA Aerospace, llc

International Medical Innovation and Research Program

There is only one place in the world where health is advanced daily like it is at the world-renowned Texas Medical Center. The International Medical Innovation and Research Program will provide you access and interaction with medical leaders. 

Participants will learn about cutting-edge treatments and technologies, and what they hold for the future.

Designed for undergraduate students, and college students interested in exploring the countless career options available options in the medical and health fields.

Participants will gain real-world medical career experience at a variety of sessions including cutting edge diagnostics technologies, real-life simulated surgical procedures, hand-on procedures, true-to-life simulations and discussions with medical experts.