Congratulations to the Texas A&M Rocketry Team for their development during the Spaceport America Cup (SAC)

AEXA obtained the certification as

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

on 02/2015


The International Air and Space Program (IASP) is a joint effort of Aexa Aerospace, LLC, and Space Center Houston. Now in its fifth year, the program attracts hundreds of high school and college students online and physically from 38 countries to participate in a simulated mission to Jupiter's moon "Europa". This global competition challenges the students' engineering skills, prompts creative thinking and invites innovative ideas on developing thermal shields, robots, and other technologies essential to the mission. 

The program sparks students to begin dreaming of their own careers as aerospace engineers. There are no boundaries! Financial aid and scholarships are provided by Aexa. 

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About Fernando De La Peña

Aexa Challenges future engineers

We were awarded in 2010 by Discovery Channel 


​Aexa is a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). We develop mixed reality software for Microsoft HoloLens that customers can use to create training for operational personnel in a variety of industries. Aexa licensees our HoloWizard application and supports customers in developing and tailoring HoloLens training.

Aexa is located near the heart of Texas' medical, petrochemical, and aerospace industry. Aexa is capable of working with all customers to fulfill their immediate needs.

​Aexa has a proven record with stellar results, collaborating with customers.

Be a leading provider of custom, mixed reality training development software applications for customers in the Federal Government, medical, and petrochemical industries.

AEXA's Current goal

​​​What DOes AEXA do


Fax: +1.866-497-9223

1120 NASA PKWY suite 220G

Houston TX. 77058


AEXA Aerospace, llc

A United States Citizen with twenty years+ of successful leadership in technology and engineering companies.

Very Active in the community, he is the former President of the National Contract and Management Association NCMA Space City Houston, he chairs the Communications committee of the Johnson Space Center National Management Association JSC NMA, he is Vice-Chair of the Johnson Space Center Small Business Council JSC SBC; Aerospace Liaison of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce; and he serves on the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership Board of Directors BAHEP.

As an undergraduate engineering student, Fernando De La Peña completed and patented a spacecraft engine propelled by anti-matter, and received additional patents, for example, for a space launcher employing magnetic levitation.

President and CEO of AEXA Aerospace, LLC


He received Discovery Channel Prize in 2010.

Providing creative aerospace solutions and applications