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Marc Reagan was extensively involved in human spaceflight operations with NASA for almost 30 years.  He held training positions from training Space Shuttle astronauts and flight controllers, to leading teams responsible for training multi-national International Space Station (ISS) crews, (including the first ISS Expedition crew), to running multi-day complex simulations for joint International ISS/Shuttle missions.  He was extensively involved in negotiations involving training issues with the International Partners in the formative years of the ISS, particularly involving the Russian Space Agency, and for 5 years was the manager of the Chief Training Officer Office at NASA.  He was a certified Shuttle flight controller, and in 2002 was one of the first group of non-astronauts selected to be an ISS “Capcom”, the Mission Control Center position responsible for communicating with the ISS crew.  He is the longest continually serving ISS Capcom in the history of the Space Station program.

In 2000 Mr. Reagan helped form NASA’s NEEMO project, an operational spaceflight analog in the extreme subsea environment utilizing the world’s only operational undersea research laboratory.  NEEMO missions are used to evaluate a wide variety of spaceflight objectives, as well as to provide a capstone training experience for astronauts prior to their next spaceflight assignment.  As the Mission Director, he is responsible for mission design, real-time execution, and ensuring that objectives are accomplished while maintaining crew health and safety.  Under his leadership there have been 22 safe and successful missions, involving nearly 60 astronauts as NEEMO crewmembers.  Mr. Reagan was a crewmember on the 9-day NEEMO 2 mission, and has been a crewmember on two subsequent undersea saturation missions.

Mr. Reagan serves in an advisory role at Aexa as an operations and product design strategist.  He is a pioneer in the fields of Just in Time Training (JITT) and "intuitive procedures", which are operational procedures that are so easy to follow that they can be executed flawlessly without prior training.  This feature is a key advantage found with Aexa HoloWizard software.  He is an instrument rated private pilot with aerobatic and tailwheel endorsements, as well as an experienced saturation diver in both scuba and hard hats.


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