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Many Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality hardware options are currently available on the market. 

AEXA will consider needs such as:


Intrinsically safe requirements

Feasibility to use in patient care environment

To determine the  best option for each customer as they work together to creatively and efficiently solve the client’s problems using cutting edge technology. 

Mixed Reality vs. Virtual Reality: A Discussion

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fully immersive digital environment where the user is able to interact with digital items using external sensors, hand controllers or gloves.  Typically, the virtual reality (VR) device is tethered to an external, sophisticated computer.  This technology lends itself well to environments that don’t require portability as external sensor set up can be cumbersome.


Augmented Reality (AR) is essentially a “digital sticker” in the user’s field of view.  The user can see the item such as a schematic, procedure or checklist, but won’t interact with that item. 


Mixed Reality (AR) is commonly what people are actually referring to when using the term (AR), but differs slightly.  Mixed Reality (MR) is the merging of real and virtual worlds where digital and physical objects co-exist and interact real time.  Mixed reality allows the user to interact with digital items using their own hands or controllers.  In a MR environment, the user is still able to see their actual, physical environment, but they are also able to populate that space with holograms.  The Microsoft HoloLens is an example of a mixed reality device and is fully un-tethered and does not require sensor set up prior to use which allows for maximum portability and ease of use.  This technology works well both in an established company facility as well as at remote job locations.


Microsoft HoloLens

Because the Microsoft HoloLens has been chosen by NASA as the platform to fly on board the International Space Station, and our experience as a NASA contractor, Aexa has a high degree of expertise and familiarity working with the HoloLens for Mixed Reality development


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